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Long Drive Short Walk II - The Free Range Naturist

The article describes an exploratory hike in the desert hills leading to the discovery of a beautiful, less spoiled landscape. The hikers climb through obstacles, explore the flora and encounter wildlife, feeling touched by the experience and considering the area for future base camps.

Join in on a Naked Run During the Nude Race Series - Outdoors Wire

A series of clothes-optional 5K cross-country runs hosted by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) allow individuals to run in just their shoes on club's private property in the Southwest Region, catering to both family-oriented recreational events and serious runners. The AANR promotes nudism as a wholesome, natural experience while staunchly opposing the sexual exploitation of the human body, attracting a diverse group of body-positive people for the nude races which end with pool parties on nudist club properties.

Review: A Private Naked Island in Queensland, Australia - Naked Wanderings

After years of nude traveling experiences, the authors were invited to spend time on a private island in Australia offering an affordable and unique adventure. Visitors are provided with camping gear and must bring their own food and drink, and the lack of staff and electricity also mean guests are secluded with an abundance of wildlife and marine life to explore.

Something New - Zjuzdme

The author is exploring new writing projects beyond the ongoing sequels in different genres, with a focus on creating a naturist form of genres that may not exist yet. They also mention their non-naturist writing side and tease upcoming projects in the article.

The Naturist Driven Life - Naked Nomad

The narrator contemplates whether they are primarily a naturist or a nomad and grapples with questions about their true purpose and identity as they navigate the California Desert. Their regular visits to friends Tom and Leslie, who are dedicated naturists, provide them with inspiration and reaffirmation of their nomadic lifestyle as their true calling.

How Naked Yoga Helped a Cork Woman Learn to Love and Accept Her Body - Irish Examiner

A Cork woman embraces naturism, finding body acceptance and liberation through naked yoga and participation in the Irish Naturist Association. The association, promoting body confidence and non-sexual nudity, has seen a spike in membership following the covid lockdown.

Why Are Penises in Older Paintings So Small Compared to Today? - IFLScience

A study examined the depiction of human penis size in paintings over seven centuries, finding that the size portrayed has increased significantly, especially in the 20th century. The researchers measured the penis-to-ear/nose ratio in paintings and suggested that the widespread use of the internet, exposure to media, and pornography may have influenced the perception of ideal penis size.

Eagle Archives, Feb. 28, 1942: Blandford Will Not Allow Divorce Story in Library - The Berkshire Eagle

Residents of Blandford reacted with indignation to a court order to include the testimony of a divorce case involving a nudist camp in the town's public library, condemning it as an "outrageous" public exhibition and too "sensational" for the library. Despite their protests, the judge proceeded with preparations to preserve the colorful transcript, prompting town officials and historical society members to express their dismay at the inclusion of such details in the town's history.

Blandford Outcry: Nudist Camp Divorce Records in Public Library Sparks Controversy - BNN Breaking

Residents of Blandford are outraged by the decision to make a high-profile divorce case public in their local library, sparking concerns about privacy and community values. The community fears that this unprecedented move will tarnish the town's reputation and set a troubling precedent for the future.

Florence Pugh on the Importance of Freeing the Nipple - Her

Florence Pugh's appearance at the Oscars' after-party was admired, but drew attention due to her visible nipple. Despite the negative remarks and slut-shaming, Pugh's bold fashion choice and refusal to conform to societal pressure demonstrated the need for acceptance of women's bodies.